Lost Ark: The detailed guide to Craft on professions

Constant battles, pumping, and searching for new things for your character in Lost Ark are sometimes very tiring. Even the most ardent gamer can lose interest in the game when faced with monotony daily.

Craft in the game Lost Ark - a detailed guide on professions

Constant battles, pumping, and searching for new things for your character in Lost Ark are sometimes very tiring. Even the most ardent gamer can lose interest in the game when faced with monotony daily. This is where craft can come in handy.


Craft in the game Lost Ark - How to get?

Obtaining a peaceful profession becomes available to every player who has passed through the main chain of tasks, up to the location "Lake Village", located in the Taiga ridge of Western Lutheria.


For this character, you need to pump up to levels 23-25.

How to find professional quests?

Finding quests for obtaining professions will not be difficult. The game will direct the player to meet an NPC selling crafting tools when completing story missions. The seller's name is Nakhim - on the map, he is marked with a separate icon in the form of a pickaxe.

After talking with the craftsman, the hero will become available for crafting. You can open the crafting menu by pressing the B key (English).

On a note! As the main quest chain is completed, the hero will be taught the correct use of each craft in the game and directed to a specific artisan. Also, turning to the blacksmith Nakhim will be possible to craft kits.

Each craft requires different tools. They are temporary and are destroyed as they are used. Each profession has four stages of development. Thus, the first tier corresponds to one craft point, the second tier to ten points, the third to sixty, and the fourth to one hundred and thirty. To collect resources faster and increase the speed of pumping a craft, you can use particular banks rewarded during the completion of various tasks.

What profession to choose and why download?

There are six peaceful professions available for Lost Ark players:


All professions are important in the game. Each craft helps to collect a certain resource or craft a certain thing.

Note! When playing in a party or guild, all players must have different professions. And the choice of a profession already depends on the taste preferences of the player. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve in-game success.

Is it possible to reset a profession and take another

Gamers who, for some reason, are disillusioned with their profession or pumped skills can easily reset it and pump another one. However, you will need to donate the Lost Ark money to change the specialty. Unfortunately, resetting skills for in-game currency will not work.

Overview of the main peaceful professions in the game

The guide will come in handy for players who want to upgrade their craft in Lost Ark. All professions are described below, as well as their advantages and benefits. After reading the guide, it is easier to get comfortable and avoid unexpected expenses for the redistribution of skills.

The main tools of loggers are an ax and a saw. Lumberjacks extract firewood, as well as other related resources.

Even though this type of activity seems quite simple from the outside, it’s still not worth climbing into woodworking alone. It is better to do this business in the company of friends, in which case it will be possible to use the group bonus.

In the in-game market, products made by loggers are in high demand. Having pumped such skills as Saw, Concentration, Shaft of Large Trees, Seedlings, and Kick, the hero will be able to produce food that increases resistance to negative effects and a rocket to search for the guard. Thanks to logging, it is possible to craft fires that increase health regeneration and potions for suppression.

Mining – Lost Ark guide

Players interested in mining need to remember that miners spend a lot of time going around locations up and down as well as mining. The full potential of this profession is revealed only in the later stages of the game, so impatient players should choose another craft.

Items crafted by miners are extremely useful: they can produce various shields, grenades with several types of damage, an incendiary mixture, highly valued in the marketplace, and a potion for the duration of control.

Note! In addition to the above things, miners can create guns.

For competent pumping of mining, you should develop such skills as "Blast," "Acceleration," "Stoneskin," and "Increased."

Herbalism is one of the most sought-after crafts in Lost Ark. The task of herbalists is to collect plants and mushrooms. Gloves are a must for this process.

Herbalists have many advantages. They can make healing potions; food that temporarily increases maximum health; potions that remove negative effects and increase stamina, and T1 shoulder pads. In the process of collecting herbs, they can become invisible.

To unleash the potential of this craft at 100%, it is recommended to pump skills such as "Invisibility," "Scent of the mushroom picker," and passive skills for rare resources.

To become a good angler in Lost Ark, it is not necessary to cross locations far and wide or craft day and night.

Important! This profession is well suited for beginners as well as lazy players.

Profit from fishing is lower than from more complex professions. But, despite this, fishers can craft useful items, among which food is valued, which increases the maximum mana; small healing potions; potions that increase the chance of inflicting critical damage. And shurikens are the main craft item for anglers. Fishing allows you to create a cool helmet.

To competently pump fishing, players should develop the skills "Trap," "Net," and "Acceleration."

Lost Ark hunting guide

This craft is not the most profitable. Players who select it will need to hunt animals that do not appear on the mini-map.

Despite this, hunters can create buffs that are highly valued in groups. Using special potions of clearance, a hunter can hunt down the boss's guard just like a lumberjack. In addition, hunting will help you craft food that enhances attacks, search missiles, and an invisibility cloak. Of the crafting items, T1 gloves are available to hunters.

For a competent buildup of a hunter, it is recommended to develop the skills "Tracking," "Poison," and "Trap."


Lost Ark archeology guide

Last but not least is archeology. This profession will be within the power of experienced players, but it will be difficult for beginners. Archaeologists need to run around the location with the radar turned on to search for treasure. The time spent searching scares away many players from this craft, making it scarce.

However, the demand for archaeologists' products in the in-game auction is quite high. They can create scrolls for shields, as well as to remove negative effects. In addition, archeology allows you to create chests from which you can pull out good equipment and runes.

For the proper pumping of archeology, you need to develop such skills as "Speed," "Concentration," "Treasures," and "Study of stones."

Craft hammer - what is it, and how to get it

The Craft Hammer is an auxiliary tool that cannot be bought from a merchant. But it can be obtained by participating in battles, completing difficult tasks, and receiving a reward for completing levels. In addition, the crafting hammer can be exchanged for something from other players.

The described tool is necessary to enhance various equipment abilities. The color of the equipment determines how rare a hammer is needed for crafting.

On a note! Craft hammers are valuable, and ability enhancements depend on randomness, so you need to use the item wisely.

What do you need to create and improve equipment?

The easiest way to get equipment is crafting. This will require the help of players and some in-game currency (for buying ingredients).

To create or improve existing equipment, you will need to find an NPC marked on the mini-map with an anvil with a hammer icon. Crafting resources, in turn, can be created from NPCs responsible for a particular profession.

Note! Only manually created sets can be upgraded in the game.

To improve an item or a whole set, you will need special seals and stones to change the improvement. In addition, the hero must have the items of the previous improvement with him. Such a grade will result in a box with equipment of the desired level.

Summing up, it is worth noting that engaging in peaceful professions is profitable and interesting. Each player can find something special in them. For some, this is a quiet pastime at the pier with a fishing rod, and for someone - hunting wild animals and creating expert equipment.



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